How to stay on top of tax | AAT Comment

November's HMRC Investigations mastercourse in Newcastle provides up to date information on HMRC activities and its current approach to tax regulation covering corporate tax, personal tax , national insurance and PAYE. Continue reading

Duluth/Gwinnett CPA: Tax Planning 101 | Accounting News and Notes

Understanding nuances of your own personal tax information will do much to help you both communicate with your CPA as well as to plan for your current tax bill and well into retirement. As such a CPA will work with a client to … Continue reading

In Face-Off, Obama And Romney Rumble Over A Range Of Issues …

Obama's wide-ranging assault — on everything from Romney's personal tax rate, his comments about “the 47%” and his work as a venture capitalist, to his policies on taxation, immigration, contraception and healthcare … Continue reading

Why Won't Romney Explain His Tax Plan? Because the Romney …

The contents of Romney's tax plan, like the contents of Romney's personal tax returns, have been a continuing enigma throughout Romney's election campaign. All the tax policy issue has taken a backseat to the tax returns … Continue reading

KPMG's Individual Income Tax and Social Security Rate Survey 2012

KPMG's International Executive Services (IES) have just published the 2012 edition of “KPMG's Individual Income Tax and Social Security Rate Survey”. This annual report is a cross-border survey of personal tax and social … Continue reading