Tax eBrief: Windfall spurred by early payouts of dividends, bonuses, and more

Tax eBrief: Wall Street REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Many Americans got a happy financial surprise at the end of last year, as companies pulled forward payouts of dividends and bonuses to beat anticipated January tax increases. Continue reading

Tax eBrief: U.S. is preparing more tax-evasion cases, and more

Tax eBrief: U.S. is preparing more tax-evasion cases, and more

U.S. tax-evasion – Four years after an agreement between the U.S. and Switzerland pierced a veil of banking secrecy by requiring Swiss bank UBS AG to turn over names of account holders, defense lawyers estimate that federal prosecutors are conducting at least 100 criminal investigations against suspected tax evaders. Continue reading

Essential reading: India sees end to Vodafone tax dispute, and more

Tax News - India REUTERS Danish Siddiqui

India’s finance minister is confident that a $2.6 billion tax dispute with Vodafone is close to being settled as the Indian government attempts to win back international investor confidence. Continue reading

Essential reading: Mickelson and the sports star migration, and more

Tax News - Golfer Phil Mickelson of the U.S. REUTERS/Hans Deryk

America’s top-grossing golfer Phil Mickelson drove himself into a bunker on Jan. 20 when he said that federal and California state tax hikes had made him contemplate making “drastic changes” in his life —including, it was widely assumed, moving to a no-income-tax state such as Texas or Florida. Continue reading

Essential reading: Republican governors open new front in tax debate, and more

Tax News - Reuters - Mike Segar

Overhauling the tax system is the subject of endless talk and little action in Washington. But Republican governors in a range of states are setting up limited but politically ambitious and potentially telling experiments in what might be possible nationwide. Continue reading

Essential reading: Private equity tax breaks in jeopardy, and more

As Washington grapples with the country’s fiscal woes, the private equity industry is grudgingly facing a new reality: its long-held tax advantages are likely to disappear. Continue reading