Tax eBrief: Vital New York City property taxes lost, and more

Tax eBrief: Knicks Property Taxes REUTERS/Adam Hunger

Madison Square Garden received an exemption on its property taxes in 1982 as long as the Knicks and the Rangers agreed to play there for 10 years. Madison Square Garden pays no property tax today either, 31 years later. Continue reading

Tax eBrief: Navigating between tax avoidance and tax evasion, and more

Tax eBrief: Tax Evasion IRS REUTERS

It is fairly difficult to evade taxes on legitimate investments because the I.R.S. can crosscheck the forms supplied by the company and the individual. Where people run afoul of the law is when they cut corners. Continue reading

Tax eBrief: Sandy property damage leads to tax trouble, and more

Tax eBrief: Sandy Property Damage REUTERS/Eric Thayer

People who lost their homes or suffered extensive property damage in Hurricane Sandy may qualify for some help from the Internal Revenue Service, but with the usual caveats: the tax code isn’t simple, and not everybody will qualify. Continue reading

Tax eBrief: Tax holiday ends, consumer scrimp, and more

Tax eBrief: Tax Holiday REUTERS/John Gress Shopping

Surveys show the majority of Americans who are aware of the tax increase say they plan to cut spending, and consumer confidence has wavered. Continue reading

Tax eBrief: Five overlooked tax breaks for small businesses, and more

Tax eBrief: Small Businesses REUTERS/Alexandra Beier Pills

Last month’s fiscal-cliff legislation included lots of tax provisions. Media attention has focused heavily on changes that affect individuals. But the new law also provides some valuable tax-saving breaks for small businesses. Continue reading

Tax eBrief: Obama repeats call to end tax break for corporate jets, and more

Tax eBrief: Jet REUTERS

President Obama wants to stave off massive federal spending cuts scheduled March 1, but one of his suggestions to close tax breaks on corporate jets has upset that industry and Republican congressional leaders. Continue reading

Tax eBrief: Amazon will charge sales tax in Connecticut, and more

Tax eBrief: Amazon will charge sales tax in Connecticut, and more

Amazon said on Monday that it has agreed to collect Connecticut’s sales tax, ending a two-year dispute over the tax that the online retailer had previously refused to charge. Continue reading

Tax eBrief: EU financial transaction tax push causes dismay, and more

Tax eBrief: Capitol Hill REUTERS/Jim Young

The European Commission appears determined to press ahead with a Europe-wide financial transaction tax in spite of warnings that it threatens the existence of Europe’s 1 trillion euro ($1.37 trillion) money market funds industry. Continue reading