Personal Finance: Mounting Pressures of the Fiscal Cliff

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Part 1 – The Fiscal Cliff Explained: Introduction

We at have been monitoring the “fiscal cliff” situation in the United States with great interest.

Unfortunately, many people do not have a solid understanding as to what the “fiscal cliff” situation is and what affect it may have on their personal finances and investment decisions based on its ultimate resolution.

As you may or not be aware, this situation is an extremely serious crisis in the making, as it is a collision between deficit reduction and economic stimulus. Its resolution has far reaching implications to you as it has the potential to affect many facets of your life, including your disposable income, the safety of your investments, investment decisions, the amount of taxes and health care costs that you will pay, potential weakening of the economy, and more.

As such we have decided to provide our readers with additional information so that you can obtain a better understanding of what is actually going on now and into the near future, being our The Fiscal Cliff Explained series.

We also wish to express our appreciation to the good folks at Wonkblog for their research work and message below:

“Washington is engaged in an all-consuming debate about how to resolve the “fiscal cliff” — which we like to call, for reasons that will soon be explained, “the austerity crisis.” But what is that and why does it matter? We at Wonkblog put together a FAQ to sort it out.”

We trust that you will enjoy The Fiscal Cliff Explained series, which will be updated as the debate rages on.

So let’s get started then, a Summary of Contents for our The Fiscal Cliff Explained series is below.

The Fiscal Cliff Explained – Summary of Contents

Part 1 – The Fiscal Cliff Explained: Introduction

Part 2 – What Is the Fiscal Cliff Really All About?

Part 3 – What’s In the Fiscal Cliff?

Part 4 – What Matters Most In the Fiscal Cliff Situation?

Part 5 – What Happens If We Go Over the Fiscal Cliff?

Part 6 – Has Washington Tried to Solve the Fiscal Cliff in the Past?

Part 7 – What Do the Parties Agree and Disagree On Concerning the Fiscal Cliff?

Part 8 – How Can We Solve the Fiscal Cliff Situation?

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