Useful Terms commonly associated with Personal Loans

Early Redemption Charge – when a lender provides a personal loan they are looking for a return on the money they have lent to you, after all, they are a business providing a service which they expect to get paid for. So if you … Continue reading

The 401k Scam | Addicting Info

What they found was that, for the projected samples that the 401k would lose over $155k for its entire lifetime. Since the entire sample fund at the time of retirement would be $320k, that means a full third of the money which … Continue reading

Need a Debt Collection Company: Make Sure You Know Who You're Calling

If your bills aren't being paid the company that you owe money to has no choice but to contact a debt collection company to help them get the money they are owed. Since so many people are in debt and collection companies .. Continue reading

Finance Buzz – Personal Financial Management Blog: Resolve IRS …

Many of you may be eagerly waiting for your tax returns after you resolve IRS tax debt and filed your returns now that the deadline for filing returns is over. A lot of you have a lot of plans with the money that you are supposed to … Continue reading