Tax eBrief: Five overlooked tax breaks for small businesses, and more

Tax eBrief: Small Businesses REUTERS/Alexandra Beier Pills

Last month’s fiscal-cliff legislation included lots of tax provisions. Media attention has focused heavily on changes that affect individuals. But the new law also provides some valuable tax-saving breaks for small businesses. Continue reading

Tax eBrief: EU financial transaction tax push causes dismay, and more

Tax eBrief: Capitol Hill REUTERS/Jim Young

The European Commission appears determined to press ahead with a Europe-wide financial transaction tax in spite of warnings that it threatens the existence of Europe’s 1 trillion euro ($1.37 trillion) money market funds industry. Continue reading

Essential reading: Public goals, private interests in ‘Fix the Debt’ campaign, and more

Many members of the ‘Fix the Debt’ campaign are juggling their private interests with their public goals: they are also lobbyists, board members or executives for corporations that have worked aggressively to shape the contours of federal spending and taxes, including many of the tax breaks that would be at the heart of any broad overhaul. Continue reading

Essential reading: Inquiry into tech giants’ tax strategies nears end, and more

Congressional investigators are wrapping up an inquiry into the accounting practices of Apple and other technology companies that allocate revenue and intellectual property offshore to lower the taxes they pay in the United States. Continue reading