Banks Optimistic on Small Business Lending

Small business lending is expected to increase according to the most recent survey of bank risk professionals published by the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO). Bankers expressed widespread optimism about the small business .. Continue reading

Putting the S.B.A. Into Perspective

It’s also important to keep something in mind about the S.B.A.: it is actually a very small part of overall small-business lending in America. This is easy to forget when government officials and politicians are hiding behind S.B.A. programs and stats, using them as benchmark for the state of small-business lending and implicitly suggesting that the S.B.A. can solve all small-business problems. Continue reading

Importance of Franchising And Small Business Sector Stressed In …

Recent reports of business lending slowing down have forced Americans to believe that the economy has become worse. Certainly, uncertainty looms at large and prevails everywhere starting from Wall Street to Main Street. Continue reading