How to choose a bank for your business

One of the most important decisions that any business owner will make is deciding where he or she will bank for their business. Choosing the right bank for your business can have a direct effect on the overall strength of your business finances. Do not be lulled into using your personal accounts for your business needs Continue reading

QE3 and Small Business Lending | Gazelleindex

Yesterday the Federal Reserve Bank undertook another round of quantitative easing known as QE3. While QE3 will put more money into the economy, unless banking practices change, very little will find its way into small business loans and .. Continue reading

Credit card fraud at lowest level for a decade…. but telephone scams on the rise

Credit and debit card fraud has fallen to the lowest levels since 2000 and in the last year alone it has dropped by 7%, to £341 million. The latest figures from The UK Card Association found that fraud levels have fallen to a ten-year low and this is largely due to an improvement in credit and debt card security Continue reading