Essential reading: Public goals, private interests in ‘Fix the Debt’ campaign, and more

Many members of the ‘Fix the Debt’ campaign are juggling their private interests with their public goals: they are also lobbyists, board members or executives for corporations that have worked aggressively to shape the contours of federal spending and taxes, including many of the tax breaks that would be at the heart of any broad overhaul. Continue reading

What you should know about angel investors

In today’s ever tightening economy it has becomes more and more difficult to obtain financing. This is especially true if you are looking, for financing, for a startup or existing small business. Continue reading

Where To Find An Angel Investor

One of the best ways to gain financing for your business, can be through an angel investor. This can be an especially effective way to gain working capital, for a startup business. Many business owners seek out angel investors, after exhausting their own resources and that of family and friends. Continue reading