There (Could Be) An App For That

Software is imbedded in just about everything we do. From medical facilities to the software used for financial investments. Software and it’s uses have evolved since the introduction of the computer processor.

The term bigger, faster, stronger does not only apply to athletes, it also applies to computers and the software that run on them. These days the hardware that runs software programs fits in the palm or your hand in the form of smart phones or the widely adopted tablets like the iPad. Keeping up with the advancements in technology is difficult.

Even if you don’t realize it you benefit from these advancements by ever-faster dissemination of news and more convenience in your daily lives, including managing your finances and other important information on a daily basis.

Understanding the App Landscape

Creating software (Apps) running on smart phones or tablets has been called the modern day gold rush.   [Even at $1 per sale, the scalability of selling an app that you have developed can lead to significant sums of money.  Imagine developing the next Angry Birds.  It costs $0.99 to download, and has been downloaded over 1 billion times.  It doesn’t take a math genius to see there is real money to be made in app development.-ed]  There are 3,802 financial Apps and 5,427 medical apps on the Apple App store. How is this possible?  Are there that many software developers out there creating 9,000 plus Apps related to financial and medical fields? Probably not.  It’s much more likely that experts in finance or in medicine were looking to cash in on ideas on how to simplify or distribute information that would benefit people in their respected fields.  These content experts then go to a software developer to bring their ideas to fruition.

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