Ottawa HST Workship for Artists

HST Workship for Artists with presenter Sunny Widerman of Personal Tax Advisors

CARFAC Ontario is pleased to announce two HST workshops with presenter Sunny Widerman of Personal Tax Advisors, in partnership with CADA-ON and the Council for the Arts in Ottawa. As a reminder, the last day for self-employed professionals to file taxes is June 15th, 2011.

Artists will be taken through the ins and outs of the issues about the new HST, but don’t expect this series to be filled with accounting jargon, as Widerman’s knack for reaching out to wider audiences is one of her many skill sets. Topics of focus will consider the businesses and individuals who should register, and explain the benefits and disadvantages of registering for the HST. Other issues will include the overall affects one might expect, and how they differ from GST, explaining the ‘Quick Method,’ tax filing periods, business expenses, and HST rates nationwide.

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