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The best place to invest your money is in yourself. The rate of return from investing in your own knowledge and skills will be much higher than anything you’ll see from stocks, property, or other investments.

Not investing in you is like floating down a fast river without a paddle, map or knowledge of what’s around the next bend. Things may go fine for a while, but at some point, you’re going to realise you made a giant mistake. Traditionally an employee’s career path has been left in the hands of a human resources department, but with more and more individuals taking control of their careers the role of the coach is becoming paramount

A study done in New York a few years ago found that people who ranked in the top 3% in every field had a special attitude that set them apart from average performers in their industries. It was this: They chose to view themselves as self-employed throughout their careers, no matter who signed their salary.

These are people who invest in themselves, hired a career coach, set goals, make plans, establish measures and get results.

To avoid such unforeseen disaster in your career, you need to invest in it to proactively and thoughtfully create a plan for achieving your career and life goals by investing in Career Coaching.

And if that doesn’t convince you, here are Career Coach’s 10 reasons why investing in your career is a must.

1. The Greatest Return on Investment, Anywhere. The return on investing and improving yourself is astronomically higher than any financial investment you could make. From increased lifetime earning power and unimagined opportunities, to protecting yourself from unemployment and the satisfaction that comes from personal growth and success — the returns are enormous.

2. You’re the Boss of You. If you’re the president and CEO of You.com then it’s your job to ensure you don’t go out of business. It’s your job to nurture growth and prosperity. You do this by carefully planning, performing consistently, operating true to your mission and investing in You Inc.

3. Become More Valuable. Draw up two balance sheets for yourself. The first one should be a list of your financial assets and liabilities. The second should be a list of your skills, ideas, knowledge, marketability, personal networks, passion and ability to make things happen. Increase your personal net worth by investing in your second list. That’s how you’ll increase the assets on your first list.

4. Become Great. You are capable of Greatness. Most of us settle for just getting by, using a fraction of our capabilities. This is tragic. Realise your greatness by identifying your talents and investing in your potential.

5. Achieving Your Goals Your Career and Life Goals are far too important to be just wishes. A mismanaged career can derail your life goals. Investing in yourself dramatically increases the probability of achieving your goals and is a real demonstration of your commitment to achieving them.

6. Create Your Own Future. Your career is yours to mould. Investing in yourself gives you the clarity, power and tools to create your own future and take the path less travelled. Sometimes, investing means taking a risk, but that’s the price of entry for success and happiness.

7. Because the World Is a Complex Place. You cannot know everything you need to know or do everything you need to do alone. You can’t be your best without help. Find and invest in those who can teach you, show you the way and help you achieve your goals.

8. Life Is Too Short for Mediocrity. You don’t have the luxury of being mediocre — period. Whether you opt for self-improvement or outsourcing your weak areas to someone who can do them better, determine where you are mediocre and get help.

9. It’s a Cliche, But on Your Deathbed? The reason we hear this often is that it is so true. The passage of time will provide a perspective we don’t have now. One day, you’ll look back at your problems and successes and see them as bumps in the road. Your focus will be on the big picture: the life you led, opportunities pursued or abandoned, how happy you were and the legacy you left behind. Investing in yourself will give you the courage and determination to be happy and do your own thing.

10. Who Else Can You Count On? Let’s face it: You’re alone on this. No one has as much to gain or lose as you do. No one else is going to make those consistent investments in your development to maximise your career and life.

In 2012, thousands of professionals will see their role change, their income decline, and some will give up, change careers and move on. But not this client. She made her own choices. Is it time for you to take control of your life, career or business?

“I was at a cross roads in my career and felt I had lost confidence in my abilities and career direction. I came across Ann in Infinite People Solutions and undertook a few coaching sessions with her. One of my initial reservations was cost as I was paying for the coaching myself. However, I decided to look at it as an investment in my career and from the very first session, Ann helped give me the tools to work on my journey to get my career and my confidence back on track.

After 5-6 sessions, I can honestly say that I feel a different person and it enormously helped with me to focus my career on what I want. Within a three month period I have been offered the job of my dreams, which is double my current salary. I cannot emphasise enough the return on investment that this coaching with Ann has given me. For anyone that initially thinks, ” I cannot afford coaching”, please re-consider as I can honestly say that it has being the best investment I have ever made in myself and I am reaping the benefits, not just career wise, but have the tools to help me in all aspects of my life” Michele, Head of Marketing, IT, Dublin

Imagine what’s possible! Award Winning Certified Personal Life & Business Coach, Ann Rodgers has a 100% record on her innovative results driven CareerRite Programme –

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Ten Reasons to Invest in Your Career – Infinite People

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