Ten Mistakes People Make Trying To Invest In Art

At a time where bank deposits, property and most conventional investments are producing poor returns there is a temptation to try less familiar investment commodities like precious metals, coins, antiques or art. But not everything that glitters is gold. Always apply this ten-point test before investing your savings in items with aesthetic value.

Is it a fake?

There are plenty of people out there with enough skill to fake works of art by well-known or famous artists. The fakes might not fool an expert but can easily appear convincing to an untutored eye. If that sounds like you, always ask the vendor to provide proof the work is genuine or give a guarantee of a refund if it turns out the painting was ‘made to deceive’ or take professional advice from a respected expert. If you think you’ve discovered a work of art at a price you think is almost too good to be true, it’s probably a fake. Ebay is full of original works by “famous artists”. The majority are fakes and you will have little comeback on the seller if you buy them.

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