E*Trade Financial Review – Accessible and Easy to Use

E*Trade Financial Corp.


In the US, E*Trade’s popularity is widespread.  Of all the major online stock and investing services, E*Trade advertises most heavily, indicating their prominence in the industry.


E*Trade has been a leader in stocks and investing since its inception over 20 years ago.  Even in the early 90s when the internet was still a fairly new creation, E*Trade managed to establish themselves as a steady force in the investing and trading business.

They currently have over 4.3 million customers worldwide, with a net value of roughly $189 million.  Unlike some online trade services, E*Trade doesn’t require a large amount of money to start up and often finds you stock trades as low as $10 per share (if not lower).

One of the most promising aspects from E*Trade is their full range of investment options and their tutorial website which helps the consumer find the right options for them.  In fact, E*Trade prides themselves heavily on their full range and emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded portfolio, which is something that not many other similar services focus on.

Like many similar sites, E*Trade offers a wide array of modern technology to guide the consumer through the stock trading and investing process.  Their programs go so far as to analyze risk, help you pick a retirement account, show you your current portfolio, and so on.  There’s also an included income estimator and a search feature that helps you sort through both your current stocks and find potential future investments.

Should you need further information about your stocks E*Trade also offers personalized assistance.  They can set up a phone or personalized meeting where someone who’s professionally trained will run you through the process of buying and trading stocks.  They even offer chartered retirement planning councilors.  These specialists focus on both rollover and personal planning.  Online chat and phone services are both options for your personal guidance sessions.

Unlike other similar services, E*Trade also has an extensive grouping of tutorial videos available directly from their website.  These videos specialize in specific topics, such as investment myths, how to protect your portfolio, and any other number of trade-related problems.  Their videos are divided into three groups—basics, intermediate, and advanced—to help you with your specific problem.

E*Trade is also available internationally and specializes in trading in international markets.  Etrade is extremely popular in other countries such as China and many European countries.  International investors use E*Trade to get a jump on the American market, given how strong it typically is.

Reviews of E*Trade are almost exclusively positive, with most consumers being extraordinarily fond of how simple it is to use the site, open up an account, and manage your stocks and bonds.  Furthermore, consumers really like how informative the E*Trade company is, specifically regarding their videos and tutorial programs.

As well as offering stock and investment services, E*Trade also offers savings and checking accounts.  This makes it extremely easy for a consumer to get involved in the stock industry since their funds are already attached to the E*Trade site.  There’s also a variety of E*Trade apps for mobile phones of all sorts.

The E*Trade customer service gets extremely high reviews as well.  Those who’ve invested in E*Trade for so long find that their customer service representatives are extremely easy to get along with.

The only real complaints regarding E*Trade is that they take a hefty fee for their work. The pros seem to outweigh this for the most part, given their extensive information pool.  But E*Trade brokers tend to take a higher commission than other services.

The general consensus seems to be that if you’re a heavy trader, E*Trade is a strong option.  And although they do make it easy to get into the game and teach you what to do, it might not necessarily be the best site for beginning investors or those not looking to put much money into their investments.

By David R. Lampsen, E*Trade Review – Accessible and Easy to Use

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