Different Types of Investment Risks


The purpose of investing is to make money. Making money is what keeps businesses and services running. To many people the value of money is more important than others. To the economy money is everything. During the economic down fall the most important thing to do to remain alive is to make money and keep money. Keeping money means to save and invest to be sure that it will be available when it is needed. Investing in certain things is like gambling.

One does not know which stock will make the most money. Investing is like playing the lottery because the results come from taking chances and by luck. There are many things that can go wrong when trying to invest in the right things. The number one thing that can go wrong is losing the most valuable things such as the home, money and assets. This is known as risk capital. Risk capital is high risk behaviors when investing money into something.

Risk capitals are present when high rewarding things such as stock are invested in. This form of investment risk will not affect the lifestyle, which is something that should be considered when determining what to invest in. The people who have more valuables are more at risk than others. People who don’t possess a lot of valuables are usually the ones who end up with more issues. They are limited to their risk capital and often put up their houses because of the idea of obtaining large amounts of money by investing. There are more investment risks besides risk capital such as:

• Inflation: Inflation occurs when things become more expensive over a period of time. Balancing the investment strategies is the best way to avoid this from happening. The value of assets can increase.
• Liquidity- This is the ability to back out the investment at any time. In order for this to happen one must sell what has been bought. It is hard to sell something that is no longer increasing in stocks or the market. The best way to avoid this from happening is not placing all the money into one stock or one investment because the chances are they won’t increase all the time.
• Dominating trends- Occur when the same thing happens for a period of time. If nothing happens with a stock or investment such as an increase no one will want to buy it because they will know what to expect. The stock market will fail to reach a new height and no money will be made other than the money that has been consistent.
• Recession- Happens when the economy is at a downfall or stand still. There are no profits being made and people are in need of money.
• Bull market- Happens when the stock market is up and everyone is sure things will work out for the best. People have been exposed to large amounts of money and it is consistent. Everyone one is putting their money into the same stocks, but little do they know it will soon crash.

These are a few examples of how investments can be misleading and can go wrong. Many people end up in these situations thinking they are going to gain a profit without knowing the first thing about investment. Gathering information before deciding to invest is the best thing to do to avoid these things from happening. The best time to invest is when a large amount of cash is present to spend. Avoid involving valuables and assets to the trade unless they are unwanted. These risks and tips should help avoid going broke.

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