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Do away with whatever image of you have of life insurance agents, and think of them as a guide, someone who can walk you through a complicated set of decisions that could affect the lives of your loved ones when you’re no longer there for them. “Life insurance is a complex product,” noted Jack Dolan, of the American Council of Life Insurance. “An agent can be very helpful in advising you. An agent can help you find the policy that meets your needs today and in the future.” Insurance agents know which kinds of life insurance are right for a young family just starting out, which work as a savings vehicle, which could be useful in retirement planning or estate planning. “Life insurance has lots of functions. An agent can lay that all out for you,” Dolan said.

In other words, an agent can save you lots of time you’d spend researching the issue on your own. He can serve as your guide now, and help you map your insurance needs in years to come as your situation changes. He can help you find a policy you can afford, and he can prevent you from making mistakes that could be very painful for your beneficiaries after your death, such as not having the right kind or amount of insurance.

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