How to File Your First Auto Insurance Claim

Most drivers will need to file at least a few auto insurance claims in their lives. Car accidents, car thefts, and acts of vandalism happen every day in the United States. When these events occur it is time for a driver to contact their auto insurer in order to make an auto insurance claim. Here are some tips on how to file your first auto insurance claim.

Submit Your Insurance Claim Paperwork

When you have been involved in an auto accident you should begin the claims process by documenting the car accident. Get together a police report and photos and then call your auto insurer to ask for insurance claim documents to be sent to you. You can also go directly to your auto insurer and meet with an insurance agent face to face. This can make the claims process go much faster. In most cases an insurance claim is completed and the policy holder has their money in four to six weeks.

Do Not Try to Hold Up the Investigation

When an insurance claim is filed an investigation is opened to make sure that the insurance claim is not caused by fraud. Do not try to hold up the investigation. Cooperate with the claims adjuster, answer all questions truthfully, and submit any necessary documentation as quickly as possible. The claims adjuster needs to determine why the accident happened and which driver was at fault for the car accident. The investigation process typically takes seven to ten business days to complete depending on how serious the car accident was and the amount of damage that was caused.

The Final Step Is the Payment for Insurance Claim

After the insurance claim investigation has been completed the auto insurance company will issue a determination of who was found to be at fault for causing the car accident in the first place. The auto insurance company will use estimates for the necessary car repairs in order to write the claims checks to the parties that were involved in the car accident. The driver then cashes the check at a local bank and they are to go on and have their vehicle repaired. Once the checks have been cashed the insurance claims process is then completed and then everyone that was involved cannot go back to the insurer for any additional compensation for the accident.

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