The Bigger Picture behind the Australian Olympic Team

Apparently, the Australian government spent $297 million of the taxpayers’ money on the 2012 Olympics campaign over the last three years. Now that’s a huge amount. It shows the amount of dedication the government has put in, to make the Olympian glory a reality. But a little more dedication and a little more focus would have probably helped us all see the bigger picture.

  • A part each of the $297 million would help organizations like the Peter Hughes BURN Foundation help nearly 20 Australians who are 60% burns victims and offer recovery retreats to about 1800 burns victims and their families.
  • It’ll help Bestchance offer help to about 17,000 individuals suffering from emotional, social and learning difficulties.
  • Through just one fourth of the total amount spent, 21,731 children under The Smith Family, get to make the most out of their education plans.
  • Eight hundred and sixty families affected by natural disasters are able to receive relief through Habitat for Humanity- Australia.

When Olympics exemplify the very qualities of generosity, of teamwork, of graciousness and of looking beyond you, how is it that we as responsible and dedicated citizens, fail to see the bigger picture?

The Bigger Picture behind the Australian Olympic Team

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