Tax Season + Your Personal Information: ID Theft Paradise

Don’t let a thief take your identity too. Employ a multi-step approach in the prevention of identity theft that includes awareness, changes in behavior, and security tools. Doing so will secure your personal information this tax season.

Todd Feinman, identity theft prevention expert and CEO of Identify Finder shares some misconceptions about data protection/privacy with us and provides tips on how to protect our data and personal information below.

The continued popularity of electronic tax filing has made this annual burden incredibly simple for many taxpayers. As a result, these individuals mistakenly equate ease-of-use with safety. This assumption too often leads to the #1 most-committed crime in the world – identity theft. (The number of identity theft victims rose 22 percent to a record 9.9 million in 2008 from 8.1 million a year earlier, with about one in 23 U.S. adults becoming victims, according to the fifth annual study by Javelin Strategy & Research, released February 9.)

The opportunities for your personal information to unwittingly fall into the hands of thieves wanting to commit fraud has grown exponentially along with the explosion of online tax return submissions. Don’t falsely presume that your identity is protected.

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