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Lifetime Income or Lump Sum?

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to making decisions about your retirement options.

But choosing lifetime income instead of a lump sum for your pension distribution makes tremendous sense for a variety of reasons.

The simple truth is… “Nothing provides you with a statistically better chance that you will have guaranteed income you can never outlive.”

Pension Choices Structured Settlements Chart

In his recent MONEY column “Your Pension: Lump sum vs. monthly payments,” senior editor Walter Updegrave compares the two choices and points out how difficult it can be to outperform the lifetime income option when you choose a lump sum distribution.

The article includes a telling graph which illustrates how dramatically your chances of running out of money increase as you age.

IF you take the lump sum, that is.

This risk of running out of money decreases to zero if you choose the monthly income option.

For those anticipating a personal injury settlement, the additional tax benefits can make the lifetime income option even MORE attractive.

Make your money last.

Sleep better at night.

We can’t guarantee a lifetime income option is best for you. But we can give you the information you need so you can decide what’s best for YOU!

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