How To Find the Right Attorney

There are those “life changing moments”… like buying your first home, getting a divorce or starting a business that may require the help of an attorney.  Attorneys, after all, do more than provide legal information; they offer strategic advice and apply sophisticated technical skills to legal problems.  The question is:  How do you go about finding the right attorney to help – one who can efficiently help with your particular problem? You should be able to find the right one….if you know where to look.

LawInfo’s Attorney Directory. LawInfo’s Lead Counsel Program provides a simple, convenient, and reliable way to find qualified legal representation you can count on. LawInfo conducts an extensive screening and selection process before attorneys are listed in the directory, including multiple peer recommendations, license certification and in-house verification that the attorneys are in good standing with their state bar associations.

LawInfo also provides a comprehensive profile for each attorney that outlines their experience, education, areas of practice, fees, and perhaps most importantly, their general philosophy of practicing law. Every attorney has taken a pledge to communicate regularly with you, provide an estimate of the time and cost that may be involved for your case, and provide you with a clear, fair, written agreement that spells out how they will handle your legal matter and how you will be charged. For more information see

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