New High for Average Cost of a Funeral

Is there going to be a new golden age for those who charge funeral cost? Some funeral industry folks think so. I disagree. More and more folks in today’s economy are choosing the lower cost funeral.

Some say it will be due to a steep rise in the death rate. I have been hearing that since I went to mortuary school in 2001. It has not happened. Mistakenly, I thought it might happen fast… and I would make great money as a Funeral Director.

Here is a quote on this:

“Though dipping slightly over the last several years, and expected to be stagnant for several more, the death rate of about 8.1 per 1,000 people is expected to inch significantly upward sometime in the next decade and eventually go as high as 10.9.

The exact dates are tough to pinpoint because of the size of the generation and medical advances” – the Deuce.

Experts have been predicting the death rate will sky rocket since the early 1990?s. It has not happened.

And then there is a more scarier statistic- some are saying that the average cost of a funeral including burial is $12-15,000 USD.

“Though it may vary slightly from one state to the next, the average cost of a funeral in the United States ranges from $12-15,000. This is heavily dependent upon the type of funeral a family chooses. At present, there are pre-paid insurance plans available for “End of Life” expenses.” – Chad Willey

In my estimation people are now choosing lower cost funeral options. If this trend continues the average cost of a funeral will be reduced.

I therefore stand on my estimate of average traditional funeral cost to be $8,5000 USD in 2009. (This does not include burial expenses) Be advised that there are many folks out there now saying things about funeral cost that may not be true. Always check your information. Your funeral guy checks funeral industry reports and with folks around the country before making statements.

A Reminder: Preplan your funeral but do not make it prepaid!

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