Funeral Director Reveals Forty Million Dollar Mismanagement of Funds

Today I received a letter that I am most ashamed to tell you about. I am a part of several Directors Associations. One of those Funeral Directors Associations shared the details of How they mishandled 4o Million USD of Preneed Trust Funds. In other words they lost 40,000,000 dollars of funds designated for old folks funerals. The consequence of this is simple… it is another big reason why your funeral costs go up. It is why funeral directors many times cannot be trusted.

Funeral Directors are suspect. This is rightly so. Often they use slick sales pitches to take advantage of others by raising YOUR funeral cost. They try to sell you preneed. Then they miss handle or pocket the preneed funds. The culprit today was the Illinois Funeral Directors Association. They simple took the folks money, and lost it in bad investments. This is so bad that one has to ask here if someone pocketed IFDA Preneed Trust money?

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