7 Free Personal Finance Podcasts

There are many free podcasts online that can help you learn more about making, saving, and investing your money. Some of the best are hosted by well known entrepreneurs, financial planners, and economists. Here are seven excellent podcasts that can be downloaded to a music player, played online, or subscribed to through iTunes or an RSS feed.

Money Girl – Author, entrepreneur, and consultant Laura Adams hosts the Money Girl Podcast. Each podcast lasts just a few minutes and either answers a question or provides a “quick and dirty” tip on investing, saving, money management, and other areas of personal finance.

Money Guy – This podcast/blog is hosted by Brian Preston, the well known CPA and financial planner. Each episode of Money Guy revolves around a personal finance theme. Brian’s favorite topics include investing, saving, retirement, debt, credit cards, and taxes.

The Truth About Money – Ric Edelman, who is frequently ranked among America’s 100 top financial advisors, offers advice on retirement planning, mortgages, insurance, investing, college planning, and other personal finance topics on this radio show/podcast. New episodes are released regularly and typically last one hour each.

Consumerism Commentary – Hosted by Tom Dziubek, a former podcaster with the Wall Street Journal, this web radio show covers a range of personal finance related topics, including saving, investing, and debt management. New episodes are released regularly and often feature interviews with a special guest.

Vanguard Podcasts – Vanguard offers two podcasts series for investors. The first, Plain Talk on Investing, provides simple tips on everything from stock market investing to saving for college. The second, Investment Commentary, covers investment trends and features interviews with economists and investment experts.

Planet Money – NPR’s Planet Money explores the global economy through both podcasts and blog posts. Podcasts include interviews with regular folks as well as renowned economists. Each podcast episode lasts an average 20 to 25 minutes on average.

Bloomberg On the Economy – This Bloomberg podcast, hosted by Mike McKee and Sara Eisen, is more advanced than most. Podcast episodes tend to focus on finance news and interviews with top economists.

Guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey writes about insurance and other topics for the Homeowners Insurance Blog.

Source: 7 Free Personal Finance Podcasts

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