Credit Reports: FTC Wants Your Input On How To Improve

Credit Reports: FTC Wants Your Input On How To Improve

You can indeed get your free credit reports from the site, but you’ll also have to keep turning down other offers from the three participating bureaus. Hell, there are even ads (sorry, “sponsor” links) on the home page, the one place where you’d hope for the least consumer confusion.

Michelle Singletary at the Washington Post notes that the FTC is attempting to correct this oversight. They’re also asking the general public for input on what would make the service less confusing to use.

In an effort to help keep people from ending up on impostor sites or falling for promotions for free credit reports that aren’t really free, the FTC is seeking public comment on proposed amendments to the free-report rule. The credit card legislation passed this spring requires the agency to create amendments to the law by Feb. 22, 2010, to prevent deceptive marketing of these reports.

Over the next two months, you’ll have a chance to weigh in on the FTC’s rulemaking effort. Do take the time to comment, especially if you feel you’ve been deceived. This isn’t a trivial matter. These rules will dictate how you get your credit reports. Most of what the FTC is proposing will make things better, but the agency needs to be tougher.

“We are encouraging consumers and anybody else to comment,” said Katherine Armstrong, an FTC lawyer. “We want to know if we got it right.”

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