Five ways to keep motoring costs minimal

With changes to the calculations of insurance premiums and fuel price increases on the horizon for motorists this year, keeping your car on the road could prove to be an expensive business.

This means that keeping motoring costs minimal will become a priority for drivers – but how can you drive these expenses down?

1. Cheaper fuel

According to recent credit statistics, the price of filling a 50 litre tank with unleaded petrol is now £66.75, with the average cost of filling a tank with diesel costing in excess of £100. This high purchase price of oil is said to be responsible for this, with The Guardian reporting that the price of filling a car has increased by £18 over the past two years alone.

Naturally, prices between different petrol stations and pumps will change and this means drivers who shop around can find the best prices.

2. Lower insurance premiums

With new EU rules set to come into force at the end of this year, insurance premiums could rise for certain groups of people as insurers will no longer be able to offer cheaper premiums based on gender. According to The Guardian, this means women could see their costs grow by more than £360. Adding an adult driver to your policy or choosing a lower level of cover can help drive costs down, as can parking your car on a drive or garage rather than on a public road.

3. Efficient driving

Harsh braking and acceleration is one of the main causes of excessive fuel consumption and pushes car costs up. Driving more efficiently by maintaining a constant speed will therefore see you use less fuel, allowing you to fill up less often and therefore save more money.

4. Vehicle maintenance

Simple things such as under-inflated tyres can have a huge effect the efficiency of your vehicle and this can influence the amount of money which you spend on your fuel. Keeping your car well maintained by checking basic levels (such as tyre pressure, radiator water levels and oil levels) will ensure your car runs efficiently, helping to prevent against large fuel bills and expensive breakdown repairs.

5. Limit use

For frequent expenditures such as fuel, the easiest way to keep them low is to limit the use of your vehicle. Partake in a car share scheme with friends or colleagues to help reduce the amount of use your vehicle gets, something which will be beneficial for both your wallet and the environment.

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Five ways to keep motoring costs minimal

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