3 Ways to Curb Costs of Pet Medications

When your furry, four-legged friend falls ill, it can evoke the same concern as if any other family member gets sick. And many pet owners will do just about anything to keep their canines and cats healthy.

The FTC reports that owners spend a collective $7 billion annually on pet medicine. But it’s a hefty price tag considering what we could be saving.

Consumer Reports found that veterinarians marked up the wholesale prices of medications anywhere up to 800 percent.

While you can’t always have the luxury of bargain hunting during your pet’s emergency, you can utilize cost-cutting measures for daily or preventative care so that you don’t have to reach for a payday loan to finance it.

Human Medicine

Like some “people food”, dogs and cats can also tolerate certain medications that owners might normally take. Ask your vet if there’s a generic human medicine equivalent for the condition, which tends to be less expensive than pet versions.

Certain antibiotics and steroids, as well as etodolac, Benadryl and Kaopectate can all be used to treat dogs. However, it’s extremely important to verify with your vet what medications can be taken, as well as guidelines for dosage amounts.

Go Online

For preventative care drugs like heartworm or flea medicine, forgo the vet’s retail counter and venture online. Go to Vet-VIPPS to access reputable online pet pharmacies where you can comparison shop for medicines to fit your budget.

Bargain, Bargain

If you skip online ordering, you can still check out drug manufacturer’s websites for coupons that can be redeemed at the vet’s office.

However, if utilizing a coupon can’t compete with an online deal, considering asking your vet to price match the accredited pharmacy site’s price. Veterinarians don’t want to lose your business over these kinds of cost-cutting measures, so they’re likely willing to work with you.

The deals on pet medicine are out there, but it’s up to you to do the research and speak up in order to drive the healthiest bargain for Fido.

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