Customer Respect Group Ranks Life Insurance Companies on Online

IPSWICH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE – July 23, 2007)– The Customer Respect Group, an international research and consulting firm that focuses on how corporations treat their online customers, today released findings from its Third Quarter 2007 Online Customer Respect Study of the Life Insurance Industry.

Using a common set of criteria, the study is the only study to bring an objective and consistent measure to the analysis of corporate performance from an online customer’s perspective. A directly comparable Customer Respect Index (CRI(TM)) is provided for each company. The CRI is a qualitative and quantitative in-depth analysis and independent measure of a customer’s experience when interacting via the Internet.

The industry average CRI was calculated to be 5.0 on the ten-point scale, which places it in the bottom 33rd percentile of all sites reviewed in all industries, an improvement from the bottom 20th percentile. The worst CRI area was in Site Simplicity, in which it scored in the bottom 28th percentile of all industry sites. In no area was the insurance average above that of the all-industry average. Small improvements were seen in respect for privacy and responsiveness.

The top ranked companies were:

Company CRI Rating
Thrivent Financial 7.0
Mutual of Omaha 6.5
Nationwide 6.3
Symetra 6.3
Genworth 6.2
Principal 6.2
Industry Average 5.0

A full Scorecard is available from The Customer Respect Group at (978) 834.6700 or from [Editor’s Note: link unavailable when last checked]

Source: The Customer Respect Group

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