Q2ebanking Continues to Raise Security Standards for Online Banking

Q2ebanking Continues to Raise Security Standards for Online Banking

Electronic banking provider delivers affordable, secure online platform for financial institutions

Q2ebanking (Q2), a provider of premier electronic banking solutions for community financial institutions across the U.S., continually studies online guidelines for security protocols in anticipation of the revised FFIEC (Federal Financial Institution Examination Council) guidance and has proactively enhanced the security features of its electronic banking offering, which provides online, mobile and voice banking solutions for community financial institutions on a single platform.

Q2 analyzes consumer and business transaction activities to identify typical transaction behavior as part of its risk and fraud analysis (RFA) solution. This close examination of behavior enables Q2 to detect and flag potentially fraudulent transactions in real time while regularly updating its algorithms to improve and enhance overall platform security. The company’s security suite also includes native out-of-band transaction authentication, security alerts, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and VeriSign® tokens to protect both consumer and commercial transactions.

“As security breaches and increasingly sophisticated fraudsters continue to create unrest throughout the industry and among consumers, Q2 is committed to raising the standards for security and takes a proactive approach to protect online banking channels,” said Matt Flake, president of Q2ebanking. “Electronic banking is extremely convenient and now in high demand; however, to fully succeed it is paramount for all e-channels to be completely aware and secure. Q2 takes a market leading position to provide unmatched security.”

Q2 solutions enable community institutions to address current and projected FFIEC guidelines. They also include security features that extend beyond standard regulations for additional protection against fraud. Its RFA solution provides a robust case management tool and security alert and reporting capabilities. Q2’s electronic banking solutions operate on a single platform, which provides banks and credit unions a competitive advantage in the marketplace by offering modern technology to their end users while at the same time streamlining their every day operations.

About Q2ebanking

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Q2 is a privately-held technology company that provides a comprehensive electronic banking platform. Its Microsoft.Net®-based platform provides flexible deployment options for online banking, mobile banking, voice banking as well as a security application to effectively mitigate fraud risk for community financial institutions. In 2010, the company was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. by Inc. magazine. For more information about Q2 and its solutions, contact Mickey Goldwasser at 512.807.1660, mgoldwasser@q2ebanking.com or visit www.q2ebanking.com.

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