Fighting Online Banking Cybercrime with a Holistic Security Strategy

In this webinar, Jerry Silva, former Tower Group analyst now principle of PG Silva Consulting Company and Terry Austin, President and CEO of Guardian Analytics, will present why the dynamic landscape of online banking and payments demands a strategic and holistic security strategy designed for the long haul, one that can withstand the ever-evolving threats against online banking.

In this 60 minute session, these two experts will present:

  • The opportunities for banks and credit unions to use online banking to capture increased wallet share, grow customer loyalty and grow revenue
  • The latest trends in cyber attacks against online banking and where fraudsters have the advantage
  • Why a bank’s strategic advantage – deep knowledge of the customer – is the centerpiece of a holistic security strategy and how it can be used to stop new and emerging attacks like Man-in-the-Browser attacks
  • How a layered approach built on behavioral analytics and risk scoring makes other security technologies like MFA, OOB, and secure clients more effective and more valuable and create an environment that can withstand ever-evolving threats against institutions.
Read the full story, and listen to the podcast: continued here.
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