Tablet Wars: Online/Mobile Banking will never be the same

iPad mania has swept the globe. Android based Honeycomb tablets are starting to pop up like weeds. The Blackberry Playbook was launched recently to very mixed reviews.

What does this all mean for the banking space?

Is banking on a tablet considered online banking or mobile banking? The answer is both and neither. Tablets are unique devices with distinct capabilities and form factors. They typically share operating systems with mobile phone devices (e.g. iOS), however apps developed for tablets can take advantage of capabilities not found on mobile devices. The greatest difference is screen size and resolution. Sure, you can fire up that iPhone app on an iPad but you will have to contend with bite sized functionality in a little window that looks like a phone. It’s often cleaner and nicer (not necessarily quicker) to open up a web browser and load up the standard online banking login. Of course the best bet would be a native app developed specifically for the tablet.

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