Online banking outage hits National Australian Bank

Confidence in the computer systems of the National Australia Bank was again challenged after its online banking service collapsed earlier today.

The outage follows a disastrous computer glitch which late last November left thousands of the bank’s customers without access to funds. However, bank spokesman George Wright said that internet banking blackout was unrelated to the system issues which struck the bank last year.

“It’s unfortunate but these things happen from time to time,” Mr Wright said.

The telephone banking outage struck at around 9 am this morning and was resolved by around midday. The bank then closed its internet banking service and did not re-open it until around 4.10 pm.

Mr Wright said the issue was caused by a glitch in the bank’s secure logon system.

He was unable to say whether it was a hardware or software system fault but gave assurances that it had been resolved and that the bank’s security had not been breached.

“There are no security issues or issues with transactions. The issues were related to the capacity of people to access the service,” he said.

Customers attempting to use NAB’s internet banking may experience slower or degraded service as the system copes with the initial rush after re-opening, he warned.

He conceded there was a lot of scrutiny on the bank’s systems following last year’s catastrophic outage.

That outage left thousands of customers without access to ATMs as the bank’s transaction records were plunged into chaos by a corrupt file which was incorrectly loaded into NAB overnight processing systems.

IT departments at financial institutions such as Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ, HSBC, Citibank and Bank of Queensland went on high alert at the time when they did not receive daily records of NAB transactions.

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